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Marketing Medically Integrated Fitness to Physicians

December 15, 2022

Primary care providers are well aware of the challenges their patients living with chronic conditions face. They also know the positive impact exercise and diet can have, but often can do little more than advise change. Following up after rehabilitation is also a challenge, with many patients needing more direction after the clinical phase has ended.

Medical fitness programming incorporates exercise training and education specifically related to an individual’s health conditions. Physicians can refer patients to medical fitness programs, as the next “phase of treatment,” either after rehabilitation has been completed, or upon diagnosis with a chronic condition such as diabetes or arthritis. Unfortunately, many providers don’t know these programs exist, or don’t know how to access them.

Connecting with physicians is notoriously challenging. Like most people, providers are more receptive to marketing efforts that speak directly to them, understand their challenges, and are respectful of their time. Power Wellness has found that successfully marketing medical fitness to providers requires first finding a provider who will champion medically integrated programming. Helping this provider engage with their peers using targeted marketing collateral is a good start.

Relying on a physician champion to spread the word about medical fitness and centers that offer such programs is also important. Getting physicians involved in a Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) is key. The MAC develops site-specific medically integrated programming, provides guidance on health assessment protocols, and optimizes physician referral via word-of-mouth.

Power Wellness managed facilities support the MAC and the center with community based targeted marketing efforts, ensuring patients and their providers get the relevant, helpful communications.

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