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Struggling to Add Medically Integrated Programming?

October 27, 2021

Nearly half of U.S. citizens live with at least one chronic condition such as diabetes, obesity or heart disease. While physicians may encourage these individuals to exercise, most do not feel comfortable starting and may be intimidated by a gym. “Doing it alone” is not usually productive.

A proven way to attract and retain these unique consumers is through Medically Integrated Programming. Using an evidence-based approach, based on American College of Sports Medicine® guidelines, and directed by degreed and credentialed professionals, medically integrated programming produces measurable, positive outcomes. Outcomes data from close to 8,000 Power Wellness participants over two years revealed marked decreases in risk factors associated with chronic conditions, including BMI, body fat, and blood pressure.

As the nation’s largest medical fitness management company, Power Wellness understands these cohorts and their challenges. Our proprietary programming, health assessments and EHR integrated technology is specifically designed to improve quality of life while promoting an active lifestyle.

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