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Member Engagement Strategies

March 11, 2022

As the industry’s largest medical fitness management company, Power Wellness is committed to providing value to our clients through active member engagement strategies. With COVID-related restrictions easing in the 1st quarter, members are increasingly interested in a hybrid fitness experience, returning to in-person workouts with options for virtual programming.

Whether in-person or virtual, members who feel appreciated and supported are the Center’s strongest brand ambassadors and Net Promoter Score® “Promoters”. As a baseline, every medical fitness center should maintain healthcare industry cleanliness standards, a variety of well-maintained equipment, and robust programming by credentialed professionals. However, member engagement requires a culture of personalized support, well beyond a pleasant front desk greeting. Power Wellness has deployed a suite of proven tactics that ensure consistent member engagement:

member engagement tactics

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring”. In addition to these tactics, medical fitness centers should consistently collect structured feedback from participants and members. Power Wellness has universally adopted the Net Promoter Score® system, soliciting scores from 1 to 10 from randomly selected daily participants, in addition to a robust all member annual survey.  As a company, Power Wellness centers have consistently received “Very Good” to “Excellent” scores for the last decade:

Net Promoter Score®


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