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Innovative Medical Fitness Program featured in The International Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine

June 01, 2021

Next Steps Fitness Programs™ soon to be renamed MyFitRx™ is a medically integrated, exercise program designed to assist individuals living with a chronic disease, managing medical conditions or who need additional support. Based on a provider’s referral, individuals participate with the goal of improving the amount and quality of physical activity under the supervision of degreed and certified fitness specialists.

The International Journal of Sports Medicine has published “Medically Integrated Fitness Program Review to Improve Health and Functional Outcomes”, a retrospective investigation into the effectiveness of prescriptive exercise. Outcomes data from close to 8,000 adult participants over two years revealed marked decreases in risk factors associated with chronic conditions, including BMI, body fat, and blood pressure, coupled with improvements in self-reported composite scores.
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The International Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine is an open-access peer-reviewed journal. The publication features original research, reviews, case studies, and commentaries about the importance of sports and exercise role improving health and wellness. Read our published article HERE to review the findings.

Power Wellness is the nation’s largest institutional fitness management company serving healthcare systems, nonprofits, community colleges, and municipalities.  Medical fitness programs are only a snapshot of life-improving services delivered to over 100,000 members nationwide.  Power Wellness provides operations consulting, full-service management and medical integration solutions that improve population health and transforms lives in our communities.

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