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Power Wellness Supports the PHIT Act to Incentivize Americans to Be Active and Healthy

August 08, 2018


According to, “The PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) Act is legislation pending in Congress which will allow Americans to use Pre-Tax Medical Accounts to pay for physical activity expenses. The PHIT Act will provide an incentive for adults and their children to get fit which will help prevent healthcare costs related to preventable chronic diseases.”

If approved, “PHIT would allow taxpayers to place up to $2,000 a year in existing Pre-Tax medical accounts for reimbursement of physical activity expenses. Lower costs will promote active lifestyles and improve the health of Americans” (America 2018).

Power Wellness has developed Next Steps™, a series of 8-week physician prescribed fitness programs addressing multiple chronic conditions and supporting interventional procedures. According to Forbes, “Under current law, weight loss programs and fitness classes are only tax deductible as a treatment for a diagnosed disease or condition and must be specifically ordered by your doctor.” The PHIT Act will help open up Next Steps™ to thousands more patients that would benefit.

We will follow the progress of this legislation closely, as it can have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

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