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Physician Marketing: Medical Fitness Best Practices

May 30, 2024

Physician marketing requires a nuanced approach given the busy schedules, specific needs, and the regulatory environment most providers face on a daily basis. When marketing medically integrated fitness to physicians, best practices dictate that marketing materials prioritize information that is relevant, actionable, and clinical practice specific. Here are some effective strategies:

Use Targeted Advertising: The best marketing materials are no good if the intended recipient never sees them. Use targeted advertising platforms to reach physicians where they are most likely to engage, such as medical journals, professional websites, or social media platforms like LinkedIn. Demonstrate the value these programs can provide not only for mitigating illnesses and chronic conditions, but also for promoting general fitness and wellbeing. Make sure physician marketing messages are targeted and aligned with the provider’s specialty.

Share Clinical Evidence:  Physician marketing that establishes medically integrated fitness as a viable treatment option must include clinical evidence. This can be shared through peer-reviewed journals, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, and / or meta-analyses. Information that supports physicians’ decision-making processes when treating patients can be especially impactful. More than any other audience, providers value information that is based on sound scientific principles and has been rigorously evaluated for validity and reliability. Finally, transparency and accuracy are crucial in building trust with physicians. Ensure all communications follow regulations set by governing bodies like the FDA.

Establish Personal Connections: Medical Advisory Committees are foundational to medically integrated fitness program development and success. They are especially effective at establishing personal connections with providers. A strong MAC can go a long way towards generating positive word-of-mouth, a key form of physician marketing. Other ways to build personal connections include attending medical conferences, networking events, or reaching out directly through personalized emails or calls. Additionally, listening to physicians’ feedback, and addressing concerns promptly and effectively strengthens these ties.

Connect Patient-Specific Data: Physicians require access to comprehensive patient-specific data, including medical history, laboratory results, imaging studies, and medication lists, to assess patients’ health status and make informed clinical decisions. Physician marketing that promotes a medical fitness program’s ability to connect the fitness center’s activity with the patient’s electronic health records (EHRs) via secure health information exchange (HIE) systems establishes credibility and demonstrates program impact when shared in aggregate.

Keys to successful physician marketing include understanding their needs, respecting their time, and providing genuine value. By prioritizing the delivery of relevant, evidence-based, and actionable information to physicians, healthcare organizations can support provider clinical decision-making processes and ultimately improve patient care outcomes while generating positive provider relationships.

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