Project Planning

measuring for success

Power Wellness utilizes a two-phase feasibility study to assess the market place and determine fitness member profiles and fitness center's potential.

Feasibility Study and Business Planning

In all business ventures, the key to success is to have a strong plan. Power Wellness’ feasibility study allows clients to see potential risks prior to breaking ground on a major project.

We have divided our process into two phases:

Phase I: Feasibility Study: market and member analysis

Phase II: Business Plan: outline of project budget and pro forma

Feasibility Study Overview

  • Market analysis for medical fitness
  • Outline membership profile and potential
  • Review area fitness center offerings
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Identify fitness and clinical programs for inclusion
  • Productions of a high level financial pro forma

Business Plan Overview

  • Project budget
  • Detailed financial pro forma
  • Floor plan and building summary
  • Operational strategies
  • Confirmation of program offerings
  • Ownership, financing and management models


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