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Medical Fitness Center Transforms Bariatric Support

Obesity is a Public Crisis: Almost 40% of American Adults are Obese and Getting Heavier.

This trend shows no sign of slowing down. More significantly, almost 8% of this group is severely obese, with a body mass index of 40 or more. Since obesity heightens an individual’s risk of developing heart, kidney and liver disease, a wide range of cancers and more, it’s clear we’re in the midst of a public health crisis —and an expensive one at that. Obesity costs the U.S. economy an estimated $270 billion a year in medical care and lost wages and has also spurred a rise in bariatric surgeries to treat severe obesity. By 2020, it’s estimated over one million Americans will have turned to bariatric surgery as a solution for morbid obesity.

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The Challenge

Diets, Weight Loss Programs and Surgeries Aren’t Enough

Research shows that Americans must add physical activity to the equation if they hope to achieve and maintain weight loss and physical fitness goals. Less than 25% of Americans heed current best-practice recommendations for an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day.6 To improve outcomes, bariatric physicians/surgeons often pair other treatments, from eating plans to fitness programs, with weight loss surgery. However, many bariatric patients are turned off by the lack of personalization and/or expense of personal training found at most commercial fitness centers. They also may have existing chronic co-morbidities, such as diabetes or arthritis, requiring guidance from experienced, credentialed fitness professionals: BARIATRIC PATIENTS NEED A HOLISTIC APPROACH WITH PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT “Lifestyle changes, including exercise, are essential for long term success following bariatric surgery. The Metabolic Health and Surgical Weight Loss Center is incredibly lucky to partner with the Delnor Health & Fitness Center to provide exercise screenings, education, and fitness programs in a welcoming atmosphere. It is these lifestyle changes that will ensure lifelong success for our patients.” – Matthew Pittman, MD Director of Bariatric Surgery, Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital.

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The Solution

Next Steps Fitness Programs™ at Delnor Health & Fitness Center

Delnor Health & Fitness Center, managed by Power Wellness (Power), and affiliated with Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital, offers medically integrated programming via the Next Steps Fitness Programs™: Ten 8-week, medically based fitness programs designed for individuals transitioning from or managing a medical condition, or simply needing additional support.

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The Results

Fitter, Slimmer and More Active Barbaric Patients

Between 2017 and July 2019, 133 bariatric patients ranging in age from 20s to 70s participated in the Next Steps Fitness Programs™ Weight Management Program at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital. During this time frame 67 (50%) completed the program. These participants experienced statistically significant changes in their weight and BMI.

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About Power Wellness

Power Wellness is the nation’s largest management company in the medical fitness industry. Founded in 1996, Power Wellness has managed over 50 fitness centers for healthcare systems, academic institutions and community foundations and municipalities. Today, Power Wellness serves over 120,000 customers, managing 5 million visits by our 3,200 team members nationwide. With three strategic service lines, Power Wellness has the valueadded resources to help you succeed.

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