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Maximize Performance with Fitness Industry Consultants

Gain access to data-driven insights and recommendations to maximize operational efficiency. Our fitness industry consultants provide fitness consulting services based on expertise gained from over 100 completed studies. Together we provide a roadmap for facility success and positive community impact.

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Fitness Consulting, Innovation, and Member Care

Unlock health and fitness center success with our expert fitness industry consultants and management specialists. Our exceptional service champions your brand while driving operational excellence. Our fitness consulting and innovative programs uniformly integrate with population health management strategies, enhancing your members’ lives, ultimately building community wellbeing.

Our comprehensive approach is designed to ensure the success of your existing center or provide clear guidance for a new center, which will not only thrive but also contribute positively to community health.

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Operations Assessment with Fitness Industry Consultants

Achieve operational excellence through Power Wellness’ Operations Assessment, offered for existing fitness center facilities and executed by our exceptionally knowledgeable fitness industry consultants. Our fitness consulting team brings years of experience to the table, providing comprehensive evaluations to maximize your fitness center’s performance. Our proprietary dataset is based on live operations data from the 50+ centers we have managed since our inception in 1996. It allows for real-time benchmarking that is not available anywhere else. Our thorough analysis produces strategic insights, pinpointing areas for improvement and offering an easily implemented roadmap unique to your fitness center. Our fitness consulting services are proven to enhance efficiency and elevate overall performance.

Feasibility Study with Fitness Industry Consultants

Our Feasibility Studies are exclusively tailored for potential fitness and wellness facilities. We excel at combining your market demographics, needs, and demands with your organizational strengths into a targeted business plan. They are conducted by our highly experienced fitness industry consultants. Our process starts with understanding your project’s vision and objectives. We conduct market research to determine features, programs and amenities desired by area residents. Our fitness industry consultants use research findings and market area segmentation studies to create demand projections, price acceptance, and preliminary center sizing. Should the feasibility study results indicate a center is viable, our consultants will complete a Business Plan. The plan includes space planning based on potential program volume, and preliminary project cost along with financial and staffing pro format.

Achieve Operational Excellence with Fitness Consulting

Our fitness consultants provide Operations Assessments for existing centers and Feasibility Studies for potential centers, both of which encompass in-depth market analysis and active stakeholder engagement, resulting in data-driven, actionable recommendations.

Our fitness industry consultants have a proven record of developing specific strategies and actionable business plans to help fitness centers increase revenue, provide excellent service, and foster

positive outcomes

Fitness Consulting Integrated with Population Health Strategy Solutions

Our team of fitness industry consultants and management specialists understand that enhancing the health and wellbeing of entire communities requires a multifaceted approach. Within the framework of our medically integrated fitness management and consulting services, we offer tailored population health management strategies, complemented by MyFitRx®, our proprietary physician-guided, medically integrated fitness program. MyFitRx® provides prescriptive fitness and wellness programs for individuals living with chronic conditions, those recovering from surgeries, and anyone seeking to improve their overall health.

Our team not only creates business plans and population health management strategies but actively assists with their implementation through our management services and medically integrated fitness solutions.

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