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24 Months Since Reopening: What’s Working, What’s Not

The COVID-19 pandemic forced public health officials to close everything from restaurants and movie theaters to commercial gyms and medical fitness centers. Depending on location, these public health mandated closures varied in length from weeks to months. In compliance with these mandates and to protect members and staff, Power Wellness’ clients all closed their fitness centers.

As mandates eased in parts of the country, Power Wellness’ managed centers took three different approaches. A handful fully reopened as quickly as possible. Others opened partially, with restrictions and reservations systems in place to manage capacity. The third group remained fully closed. They took time to reevaluate their operations and determine a viable path forward.

Since 2020, Power Wellness’ centers have experienced the following positives and challenges:

What’s working:

  • Most Power Wellness managed centers reopened partially by the summer of 2020; 20 of our current 30 managed centers were fully open by the end of 2020.
  • By summer, 2022, Power Wellness’ managed centers averaged 75% of pre-COVID memberships, in line with the industry as a whole.
  • More than 2,200 associates are currently employed at our 30 managed centers, representing 85% of Power’s pre-COVID workforce.
  • Medically integrated and prescriptive fitness participation increased by 65% over FY2020, demonstrating renewed interest in wellness self-management.

What’s not:

  • Our portfolio was reduced when 10 Power Wellness managed centers closed permanently after the mandated shutdowns; reasons varied from rent disputes to shifts in business strategy, to fiscal constraints.
  • A handful of Power Wellness managed centers are only at 55% – 60% of pre-COVID membership, lower than the industry average of 75%+.
  • At this time, we have a 19% deficit in filled positions to total employment, but this is the same average prior to our pre-COVID employment and openings.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a life-changing event during which Power Wellness supported clients with professional guidance and excellent service. We look forward to continuing these important relationships, so our clients can offer innovative and affordable wellness programs, focused on improving population health for people of all backgrounds and fitness levels.

To learn more about to learn how Power Wellness can help your center contact Power Wellness at 630.570.2600.

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