Celebrating Over 1 million Square Feet in New Population Health Facilities 

With reductions in COVID-related restrictions and staffing challenges abating, many institutions are resuming facility investments in population health. Power Wellness has identified over 1 million square feet in ground-up development or major renovations of community fitness centers across 15 states. Strategic plans, paused due to the pandemic’s impact, are back “on the front burner” with health systems, municipalities, foundations, park districts, and universities.  

The impact of COVID on our most at-risk, deconditioned population reinforced the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Forward thinking institutions are taking these lessons to heart and incorporating prescriptive fitness, nutrition counseling and wellness programming into their planned facilities. These investments are occurring in locations irrespective of geography or population density.  

From Jackson Mississippi (1) to Chicago Illinois (2) to Bentonville Arkansas (3), institutions are developing wellness centers designed to improve population health in their communities. Health systems are making fitness accessible to underserved communities plagued by diabetes, obesity, and heart disease (4) while municipalities are considering tax referenda to support community wellbeing (5).  

For 25 years, Power Wellness has helped plan, develop, and manage institutional fitness centers for health systems, municipalities, foundations, and universities. We believe institutions can offer innovative and affordable wellness programs, focused on improving population health for people of all backgrounds and fitness levels.  


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