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Joining the 21st Century: Electronic Health Records and Medically Integrated Fitness

Electronic Health Records (EHR) have transformed health care delivery in the U.S. Until now, medical fitness centers have not been connected within the EHR provider network. Physicians and clinicians have recommended exercise as part of their patient’s care program for many years.  However, without EHR integration and quality backend programming, these recommendations have been unmeasurable and generally ineffective.    Just like a lab order, an EHR fitness activity referral creates accountability between the patient and the service provider and a digital record of key health metrics such as blood pressure, BMI and strength. These health metrics allow both the physician and patient to review and measure progress

Power Wellness, the nation’s largest medical fitness management company has solved these challenges. Power Wellness has developed integrated technology, enabling connectivity between the major EHR systems and Compete by Jonas, a leading fitness management business system.  The Power Wellness solution features secure, HIPAA compliant pathways between physicians and on-site medical integration coordinators. To learn more about any of Power Wellness advanced integrated technology feel free to contact us here.

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