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Do You Really Know Your Market’s Potential?

  • Who is your targeted consumer?
  • How many targeted consumers live or work near your Center?
  • What is your current capture rate of targeted consumers?
  • What is your Center’s approximate market capacity?

Most institutions with community fitness centers cannot answer these questions.

Power Wellness has developed a proprietary consumer segmentation model in partnership with Buxton®, a leading consumer analytics company. Based on demographics from over 100,000 Power Wellness managed center members, this model can precisely analyze your current members’ demographics/psychographics and geolocate all of the targeted members within your service area. Based on comparable capture rates from a portfolio of similar markets, Power Wellness can accurately determine remaining potential members in your service area. In addition, the same information can be effectively used to implement high ROI marketing strategies.

Messaging that subtly supports each targeted consumer segment’s generational profile, coupled with programs that address each targeted consumer segment’s needs, will help drive utilization and membership. To learn more about Power Wellness’ proprietary consumer analytics and how they can help you, please complete the form below or contact us at 630.570.2600.

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