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Sports Performance Programming at Medically Integrated Fitness Centers: A Growth Opportunity

Many people think Sports Performance Programming is only for athletes. While some Sports Performance programming is sport-specific, the fact is, Sports Performance programming can be for anyone: the casual exerciser, special populations, retired athletes, and yes, for those currently participating in a high-school or college-level team or individual sport.

Sports Performance – or as Blake Hamill, Director of Virtual Programming at Piedmont Health and Fitness Center in Fayetteville Georgia notes– Human Performance – serves both the general public and athletes: “You don’t have to be on a team to gain benefits,” he adds. “Our Human Performance coaches work with anyone who wants more guidance on their fitness journey.” Human Performance participants at Power Wellness managed centers range in age from preteens to senior citizens.

There is a vital connection between Sports Performance and medically integrated fitness. “Sports Performance programming educates people about their bodies and helps make the body more resilient to injury,” says Chris Armel, Strength and Conditioning Manager at Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center in Winchester, VA “…not only can it make playing sports more enjoyable, but it also makes just being active more fun. It builds self-confidence and provides an energetic atmosphere that is contagious throughout the whole center.” Additionally, athletes and their parents feel more comfortable participating in Sports Performance Programming at medically integrated fitness centers. They are confident in these center’s certified and trained coaches who provide safe and effective programming.

Last, but not least, Sports Performance Programming builds connections between the community and the medically integrated fitness center. Both Blake Hamill and Chris Armel say their respective center’s coaches foster relationships with local schools and sports medicine providers. This in turn, positions their medically integrated fitness centers as viable options for offering safe, effective, and healthy programming for athletes and non-athletes alike.

To learn more about how Sports Performance (Human Performance) Programming can help your medically integrated fitness center, contact Power Wellness at [email protected].

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