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Going beyond the Suggestion Box: Measuring Member Satisfaction

January 19, 2022

Research suggests dissatisfied customers share their complaints with 7–10 people, but only share positive experiences with 2–3 people. While it is critical to address customers’ concerns, it is also important to hear what is going well. A positive member experience directly impacts the likelihood of friend and family referrals. While health systems use sophisticated systems such as those offered by Press Gainey or Leapfrog to gauge patient feedback, the medical fitness center may still be relying on comment cards.

Power Wellness, the nation’s largest institutional fitness center consulting and management company, recommends multiple digital strategies to measure program impact and member loyalty or satisfaction. Daily experience is assessed using a short email survey, based on the Net Promoter System® (NPS) system, and distributed randomly to check-ins. All “detractors” should be immediately contacted by one of the Center Managers. All members should be surveyed annually, with a deeper dive into all center services. The annual survey should also leverage the NPS system. Tracking NPS, gathering detailed information, and deploying actionable tools will most certainly enhance satisfaction and drive engagement.

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