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Power Wellness is the recipient of the 1st Excellence in Management Award

Addison, IL: November 14, 2014

Power Wellness is pleased to announce that they the and centers they manage have been selected recipients of the Excellence in Management, Marla Richmond MS Memorial Education Award, Program Innovation Award for Top 10 Programs Worldwide, and Certified Medical Fitness Facility of the Year.

Excellence in Management Award

Power Wellness is excited to receive the 1st ever Excellence in Management award from the Medical Fitness Association. The award is given to the top medical fitness management company for the year. Nominees for the award were judged on their medical fitness programming and overall service to patients, clients and communities they serve.

“Over the past 20 years our team has worked extremely hard to serve our clients to the highest standards so it’s truly an honor to be recognized by the MFA for our hard work and dedication,” said Tom Rhind, President.

Marla Richmond, MS, Memorial Education Award

Recipient: Nicole Rhind Fitness and Medical Integration Liaison at Power Wellness

This award is presented to an individual who has been recognized as an exceptional educator. Over the past 2 years Nicole Rhind has developed a Power Wellness MFA Certification Handbook that has been integral to the certification preparation process for 12 Power Wellness centers. Nicole works continuously with the fitness teams and entire center on how the facility can educate not only their members, but their health care partners on the value of their certification.

Program Innovation Award for Top 10 Programs Worldwide

This award is presented to facilities that provide programs that address Member Retention, Clinical Integration, Community Outreach and more. The program provides a needed service that benefits the membership and/or community at large. 3rd Place: BOOST Clinics at Cadence Fitness & Health Center

Program was developed to give members an opportunity to try new classes and attend different demonstrations at the center. Some of the classes were: Meet the Trainer, Adult Learn to Swim Class, Nutrition Presentations, Intro to Indoor Cycling, etc. The BOOST Clinics bridged the gap and brought value to its members.

4th Place: Summer Fitness Frenzy Bingo at The Health & Fitness Center at Washtenaw Community College (WCC)
Designed to increase member retention and exercise throughout the summer. In order to play, members needed to participate in a variety of classes or programs to fill out their Bingo card. WCC saw a 30% increase in member attendance.

5th Place: H.E.R.O. Program at Washington Township
Created a specialized fitness program for community Firefighters, Police, Military and EMS to help improve strength and conditioning. 83% of participants dropped body composition and 70% lost weight.

6th Place: Survivor Spin Fundraiser at Loyola Center for Fitness
Designed to raise money for cancer survivors post treatment care. Most recently the center raised over $20,000.

7th Place: Wellness Challenge at Chelsea Wellness Center
Implemented a program to develop and maintain the overall health and well-being for members. Program included pre-challenge assessment, logging food & exercise, weight loss, and bi-weekly check-ins. The Wellness Challenge saw a total weight loss of 456.03 lbs.

8th Place: Annual Turkey Trot at NorthPointe Wellness
Created a way to involve the community and their families to participate in either a 1 mile walk or 5k run as a pre-Thanksgiving workout. Since its inception, participation has increased by 84%.

Certified Medical Fitness Facility of the Year Award
Valley Health Wellness & Fitness Center received an Honorable Mention for 2014. The award is given to an MFA Facility that clearly serves as a benchmark for the industry

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