Transitional Care Program

The Health and Fitness Center at Washtenaw Community College

The Challenge

When insurance restricts the length of rehabilitation and the cost of treatments knows no bounds, many people recovering from surgery or injuries end up at a frustrating stand-still. They’ve had just enough therapy to be able to perform their day to day activities, yet they still experience limitations that prevent them from safely returning to full function. Once given the medical clearance to exercise by their physician or therapist, these individuals face daunting obstacles to starting an exercise or training program on their own; including the high risk of re-injury or relapse.

The Solution

The Health & Fitness Center at Washtenaw Community College helped bridge the gap between health care and fitness by introducing the Transitional Care program — six post-therapeutic programs to help individuals transitioning into daily activities and exercise. Carefully selected to target the needs of the majority of center members and those in the surrounding community, these programs included Weight Management, Orthopedic Fitness, Cancer Fitness, Cardiac Fitness, Transitional Care, and Diabetes Fitness. The ongoing goal of these programs is to help participants feel comfortable while transitioning from medical care into a customized exercise plan. A strong emphasis on education and team work, including positive staff interaction, individualized attention, and continued correspondence with the referring source have made the Transitional Care program a major success.

Leslie, from Ann Arbor, MI is one of many Transitional Care program success stories. A victim of a motor vehicle accident in 2007 which resulted in numerous fractures, surgeries and an eventual hip replacement, Leslie was referred to the Transitional Care program after her progress hit a plateau in physical therapy.

96 individuals

have participated

63% Transitional Care participants

became members of the Center.

With the help of the Transitional Care fitness staff, Leslie increased her strength, endurance and balance.

She now has a much easier time getting into and out of circuit training strength equipment and no longer needs an aide to assist her at the center. Leslie attributes the gentle pushing and creativity of the program’s staff to helping her reach monthly strength goals. Her success at the center through the Transitional Care program has translated into functional improvements in her daily living.