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Recreation Center: Partnering With Local Healthcare Providers

Recreation center services and programs play a vital role in fostering a healthy community. But what if they could extend their impact by partnering with local healthcare providers? Partnering with local healthcare providers presents a strategic opportunity to expand program offerings, attract new demographics, and offer patients evidence-based solutions that complement their medical care.

Building the referral network

A municipal or publicly-owned recreation center can take proactive steps to establish itself as a trusted resource for healthcare professionals seeking to extend patient care beyond the clinical setting:

  • Initiate Outreach: A comprehensive outreach program targeting local hospitals, clinics, and health organizations should be developed. This program should highlight the center’s diverse programs and facilities, emphasizing how they align with preventative care initiatives.
  • Showcase Value: Informational brochures and presentations can be created to outline specific programs that cater to patients’ needs. Partnering with healthcare providers to host joint wellness events at the center is another impactful way to showcase value.
  • Facilitate Easy Referrals: A seamless referral process should be established. Collaboration with healthcare providers is essential to create standardized referral forms. These forms should effortlessly connect patients with relevant programs offered at the center.

Choose the optimal provider partner

There are key metrics a recreation center should consider when selecting a healthcare provider partner:

  •  Patient Population: Aligning with providers whose patient base aligns with the center’s program offerings is ideal. For example, a senior center could benefit from partnering with a geriatric clinic.
  • Preventative Care Focus: Prioritizing partners who actively promote preventative care initiatives further amplifies the value proposition of the center’s programs.
  • Referral Network Strength: Seeking partners with a robust referral network ensures a steady stream of potential participants.

Recreation center programs for referral

Developing evidence-based programs designed to address specific health concerns is key.  Consider these high-impact options:

  • Disease Management Programs: Partnering with healthcare providers allows for tailored programs like exercise for breast cancer survivors or diabetes management workshops.
  • Senior Wellness and Fitness: Designing programs focused on improving balance, strength, and cognitive function specifically caters to older adults.
  • Family Fitness Initiatives: Programs promoting healthy family activities and encouraging children’s physical literacy can complement a physician’s focus on preventive care.

By fostering a collaborative partnership with local healthcare providers, a recreation center can become a central hub for proactive health management, empowering residents to take charge of their well-being and build a healthier community. At Power Wellness, we understand the power of collaboration. We’ve helped recreation centers create successful partnerships with local healthcare providers, leveraging our extensive experience in the wellness industry.

Explore Your Recreation Center Management Options with Us.



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