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Upward Mobility for Power Wellness Employees Continues During Challenging Times

During a time that will be recorded in the history books. Our talented and innovative employees continue to experience stability and career growth at Power Wellness. Power Wellness manages over 30 specialized fitness centers throughout the United States and our employees are central to executing our core values.

Serving over 120,000 members nationwide, our employees are dedicated to providing positive member experiences that directly impact population health. Power Wellness believes in investing in our core talent by providing new opportunities to employees who are high performers. In 2021, 74 high performers were promoted to new roles demonstrating our commitment to upward mobility within our organization.

Power Wellness recognizes and acknowledges the hard work of all of our over 1,800 employees. Many employees have been with Power Wellness for 5 to 25 years.

Kathy Emery joined Power Wellness in 2003 as a Center Staff Accountant at the Northwestern Medicine Delnor Health & Fitness Center. She has held many different positions during her tenure at Power Wellness and was recently promoted to Director of Marketing for Power Wellness.

“When I joined Power Wellness in 2003, I could not imagine where I would be 18 years later. Ongoing coaching, mentoring, and leadership development opportunities have afforded me a broad skill set that makes me especially proficient in my current role. I believe professional growth is a personal journey but also requires the support of those around you. I’m excited to be able to pay it forward and support new team members with their career paths and tenure within the organization. I am where I am at today because Power Wellness believed in me,” says Kathy.

Congratulations Kathy and to every employee who earned their new roles in 2021. We look forward to adding to the professional growth and continued education of even more employees this year.

If you are interested in making a lasting impact in your community. Consider exploring our full-time and part-time opportunities at Power Wellness.

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Power Wellness Management, LLC (Power Wellness) is the nation’s largest institutional fitness management company and a HIPAA compliment integrated wellness provider. Founded in 1996, Power Wellness has managed over 50 fitness centers for municipalities, healthcare systems, nonprofits, colleges and universities. As of March 2020, Power Wellness was serving over 120,000 members with over 1,800 team members nationwide. With three strategic service lines – consulting, asset monetization, management, Power Wellness has the value-added resources to “improve life.” To learn more about Power Wellness, visit, follow us at or “like” us at

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