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Bringing a Medical Fitness Program to Life

April 24, 2024

Medical fitness programs are redefining healthcare delivery and improving both community and individual wellbeing. They integrate preventive, clinical, and fitness services all under one roof. They take a data-driven approach, moving beyond the limitations of conventional gym memberships.  They provide a comprehensive and data-backed ecosystem designed to empower individuals to proactively manage their health.

MyFitRx® is a physician-guided, medically integrated fitness program developed by Power Wellness. With ten unique 8-week pathways, and taught by credentialed, certified fitness professionals, MyFitRx® offers prescriptive fitness and wellness programming for people living with chronic conditions such as diabetes or arthritis or experiencing a life-changing event such as joint replacement surgery. Patients are referred to a MyFitRx® pathway by their physician. Progress is tracked using initial, mid-point and final fitness assessments. Patient data can be securely shared with referring physicians via HIPAA-compliant systems.

Hear firsthand from a medical fitness program participant.

We’ve talked about how MyFitRx® improves community wellbeing; however, it’s at the individual level that MyFitRx® really has an impact. Hear firsthand from a medical fitness program participant, as they overcome challenges and achieve personal wellness milestones. Their story offers genuine insights into the impact these programs in general, and MyFitRx® can have.

Power Wellness has been a leader in developing and implementing medical fitness programs at our managed centers for over 25 years. We support the seamless integration of medical fitness programs into your hospital-based fitness center or community gym, ensuring ongoing monitoring and quality control. Our unique medical fitness strategy targets the 75% of people who are not members of a commercial gym, and the 50% of people living with at least one chronic condition. Power Wellness can help bring medical fitness to life at your center. Our proven strategies make this transformation achievable, resulting in beneficial outcomes for members and the community at large.

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