Medical Integration

Extending Clinical Care Pathways

Engaging providers and extending clinical care pathways through fitness, education,
and nutrition programs.

Medically Integrated Fitness

Is your institution seeking a better strategy to improve population health and outcomes?

Power Wellness is the only fitness management company with a proven strategy to develop and implement medically integrated fitness centers. Supported by local providers, medically integrated centers are different from commercial gyms in that they offer physician-guided programming for:

  • at-risk, deconditioned populations
  • those with chronic conditions such as diabetes or arthritis
  • people experiencing life-changing events i.e. joint replacement or prenatal care

There are six precepts to the Power Wellness HIPAA compliant medical fitness strategy, which are outlined below.

We currently manage over 15 Medical Advisory Committees, comprised of over 100 clinicians. Our prescriptive fitness programs enroll over 1,200 participants annually, 64% of whom convert to center membership upon program completion. Power Wellness currently manages 14 Medical Fitness Association certified facilities.


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