Medical Integration

Extending the continuum of health

Centers operated by Power Wellness leverage clinical outpatient transitional care programming to promote healthier lifestyle choices, including center membership and long-term relationships with the healthcare system.

Medically Integrated Fitness

The continuum of care is seamlessly extended by sustaining the patient’s acute care and disease management treatment provided by the hospital.

The center’s certified fitness specialists teach, train and coach the transitioned patient-member with their customized programming to enhance their health, fitness and wellness.

Power Wellness has a dedicated medical integration task force to oversee all programs delivery, while utilizing the expertise of the center’s staff and the immediate healthcare community.

next steps™

8-week medically based fitness programs offered at all Power Wellness managed fitness center that target community health.

These nine programs are designed for individuals transitioning from or managing a medical condition or simply needing additional support, and are open to the community.


PowerCare is co-owned by Power Wellness and Genesis Rehab Services, two industry leaders who aligned to help shift the standards of healthcare.

PowerCare provides third-party management of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and respiratory therapy.


A Power Wellness system built to the latest HL7 specifications. Allowing a secure and encrypted connections between a patient’s electronic medical record and their membership profile.

Power Wellness managed facilities now have a pathway for referral to the center as well as measure outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.


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