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Healthy Aging® Month – September 2023

September 14, 2023

September is Healthy Aging® Month, a time to focus on the positive aspects of growing older and to take steps to improve our physical, mental, and social well-being. The month was founded in 1992 by Carolyn Worthington, an advocate for healthy aging, to build awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles and to “chip away at the myths of aging.”

One of the biggest myths about aging is that it is a time of decline. However, this is simply not true. With the right lifestyle choices, people can continue to live active, healthy lives well into their later years. Adults aged 50+ have redefined old age and are seeing more possibilities for the later years of life, including a continued sense of purpose and a focus on overall wellness.

Healthy Aging® Month is a time to celebrate the possibilities of aging. It is also a time to take action to improve our health and well-being. By making healthy choices and taking care of ourselves, we can age well and live long, fulfilling lives. Go to to learn more about Healthy Aging® Month.

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