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Program Highlight: The High-Voltage Challenge

June 15, 2023

Merging Fitness and Virtual Programming in The High-Voltage Challenge.

In 2022, Power Wellness incorporated Volt Guided Fitness as a complimentary virtual programming platform for members of our managed medical fitness centers. The High-Voltage Challenge is a NEW four-week virtual experience that motivates members and offers accountability to reach their fitness goals, while providing the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals for support and encouragement. Members will complete the challenge along with a randomly assigned virtual team in the Volt Guided Fitness App.

Giving Members a Virtual and Personal Experience

After completing a virtual fitness survey with 13 of our centers, 52% of those surveyed are interested in virtual personal coaching. During the High Voltage Challenge, participating members will partner with a fitness specialist to complete an initial fitness assessment in person using the BodyScript™ Body Composition Analyzer. In addition, the Volt Guided Fitness app gives members access to a variety of workouts, expert guidance from fitness specialists, and progress and performance metrics. After six workouts participants will earn a High-Voltage Challenge t-shirt.

“The High-Voltage challenge was created as an exciting way to get team members and members working together. The challenge is fun and has become quite competitive! It has already increased engagement on the Volt Guided Fitness platform. More importantly, it has generated more questions about the Volt program and its features. We are excited to see the outcomes of the challenge and which team comes out on top with the most workouts completed!” says Scott Bergen, Center Director at CDPHP® Fitness Connect™ at the Ciccotti Center.

A variety of team prizes will be awarded to the team who does the most cumulative Volt workouts. The High-Voltage Challenge will run through June 30.