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Common Pathways of Medically Integrated Fitness Programming

March 04, 2024

Transforming Lives through Medical Fitness Programming

Over 10,000 individuals have embarked on their wellness journeys through MyFitRx®, a physician-guided, medically integrated fitness program developed by Power Wellness. With ten specialized pathways addressing various chronic conditions and life-changing situations, MyFitRx® empowers participants to improve their fitness, manage health concerns, and ultimately transform their lives.

Medical Fitness Programming executed through 10 Specialized Pathways

Aids participants to improve muscle function and range of motion, reduce fatigue and encourage physical activity.

Designed to aid the participant in reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease, gain strength and increase endurance.

Aimed to improve mental capacity, self-esteem, mood, sleep, energy and stress levels through physical activity

Encourages management of prediabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes symptoms through the promotion of physical activity

Promotes muscle strength and endurance prior to a surgical procedure.

Designed to help reduce pain through gentle movement exercise for conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis or other autoimmune conditions.

Promotes physical activity and strength training in targeted muscle groups post physical therapy due to orthopedic conditions or following an injury.

Designed to promote physical activity in participants with pulmonary or respiratory conditions.

Designed to improve overall health, stamina and health related issues due to an inactive lifestyle.

Aids participants to set realistic weight goals, develop physical activity habits and encourage weight loss.

From Referral to Recovery and Beyond

Many physicians acknowledge the benefits of exercise for their patients with chronic conditions but lack the resources to create and manage long-term medical fitness programming. MyFitRx® bridges this gap by providing a “next phase of treatment” following rehabilitation or diagnosis.

However, connecting physicians with such programs remains a challenge. Power Wellness addresses this by:

  • Identifying physician champions: These passionate advocates promote medical fitness programming to their peers.
  • Targeted marketing: Educational materials resonate with physicians by addressing their specific challenges and respecting their time.
  • Medical Advisory Committees (MACs): Physician collaboration fosters site-specific programs, optimizes referrals, and guides health assessments.
  • Community outreach: Targeted marketing ensures patients and physicians receive relevant information.

The Journey to Wellness.

Individuals are often referred to MyFitRx® by their primary care physicians who recognize the program’s potential to complement their treatment plans. Upon referral, participants collaborate with our team to choose the most suitable 8-week program from the ten available options, ensuring the specific needs and goals of each individual are addressed. MyFitRx® features personalized exercise plans developed by credentialed professionals and tailored to individual health conditions. Participants benefit from expert guidance, group support, and ongoing monitoring to ensure safety and effectiveness. Recognizing the lasting benefits of MyFitRx®, a significant number of participants transition into long-term memberships at our facilities. This highlights the program’s success in creating a sustainable path to wellness.

MyFitRx® is more than just a medical fitness programming option. This program is empowering individuals, fostering collaboration, and offering a clear path to continued wellness through membership, MyFitRx® is making a significant impact on the well-being of countless individuals. MyFitRx® fosters collaboration within the healthcare community. By providing a reliable solution for physicians to address their patients’ exercise needs, the program strengthens relationships between healthcare providers and fitness centers.

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