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Discovering your Center’s Unique Needs with an Operations Assessment.

June 30, 2023

Understanding how well your fitness center is performing is challenging. Your center cannot be compared to commercial gyms or franchise fitness centers. Add in a lack of published, category-specific data, and your organization is left facing a strategic challenge when gauging how well your center is performing across standardized business metrics.

To provide a solution to this challenge, Power Wellness offers an Operations Assessment, a 90-day consulting service featuring an interactive approach. Our Operations Assessment is customized to meet your center’s unique circumstances. It includes a proven process to ensure that all aspects of center operations are measured to produce data-driven, peer-focused recommendations.

The result: a strategic roadmap offering a focused vision and actionable tactics designed to maximize your center’s performance.

operations assessment

Did you know?

Consulting has been a Power Wellness core service since our beginnings in 1996. We’ve completed over one hundred fitness center consulting engagements for institutions nationwide. To learn more about how your center can benefit from our expertise, please visit today.