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Two Steps to Successful Medical Fitness Center Marketing & Enrollment

September 01, 2022

As we enter the fourth quarter of 2022, enrollment at medically integrated fitness centers is close to attaining pre-COVID levels. Power Wellness has uncovered two keys contributing to our centers’ success with attracting and retaining members that differ from commercial gym marketing and sales: Positive Branding and Personalization.

Positive Branding: Medically integrated fitness centers are frequently owned by a hospital or health system, located on the hospital campus, and named after the hospital. This name recognition, along with the hospital’s positive brand imagery “…goes a long way towards instilling confidence among potential members that the hospital-branded fitness center will provide the same level of high-quality care [as the hospital],” says Jennifer Parrilli, Power Wellness Director of Sales. This “halo effect,” combined with Power Wellness’ white label approach, takes maximum advantage of the hospital brand to boost medical fitness center enrollment success.

Personalization: While commercial gyms strive for volume, medically integrated fitness centers target specific consumers with an organized and process-driven approach to growing center enrollment. Power Wellness uses detailed consumer analytics to find and connect with prospective members who best fit the medically integrated fitness model. Analyzing prospective members’ behaviors and interests, Power Wellness creates customized messaging designed to generate engagement. This targeted approach means Power Wellness’ managed centers are able to focus on fewer prospects with a greater potential marketing ROI. Results are tracked in real time within a shared Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system: “Prior to having a CRM in place, sales conversations were about how we ‘felt’ we were doing; now we have visibility into each separate piece of the process, plus we can see the overall flow,” added Jennifer Parrilli.

Positive branding and a personalized approach, combined with real-time results tracking, are vital to medical fitness center enrollment success. Power Wellness can help grow your medical fitness center.