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The Results are in! Mount Carmel Fitness Center’s First BodyScript™ Challenge

April 18, 2023

The first Mount Carmel BodyScript™ Challenge has wrapped up. Participating members worked along with fitness specialists to create realistic body composition goals and completed initial assessments using the BodyScript™ Body Composition Analyzer for the five weeks prior to the challenge start in early March 2023. BodyScript™ lets members track key biometrics such as: Body weight […]

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Case Study: Optimizing Multi-site Medical Fitness Centers Performance

January 31, 2022

Unifying Programming, Reducing Expenses, Improving Marketing and Scaling Medical Integration Through Consolidated, Outsourced Management Founded in 1996, Power Wellness is the nation’s largest medical fitness consulting and management company. Power Wellness has proven solutions to maximize service line performance for a single site client, with enhanced value add for multi-site clients, including the following four […]

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Case Study: More than a Rec Center

January 13, 2022

Embracing Medical Fitness Programming at a Municipality-Owned Center A Chicago suburb’s Parks and Recreation Department (“Department”) is responsible for over 60 parks, an Aquatic Center, a public ice rink, a “SportsPlex,” and the Health & Fitness Center (“Center”). Opened in 2001 by a local Community Hospital, the 78,000 square-foot Center features an outpatient physical therapy […]

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Case Study: Wellness Reimbursement Shows Positive Results by New York Payor

July 27, 2021

Many major U.S. health plans provide partial reimbursement for commercial gym memberships. However, reimbursement levels are generally very low and not tied to outcomes or utilization. A handful of studies show that even minimal reimbursement can encourage fitness participation, with involvement continuing after the rebates/reimbursement end, ultimately improving population health. However, post-participation reimbursement data has […]

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Creating a Successful Rural Population Health Model

July 09, 2020

Rural communities are faced with a complex mix of challenges that contribute to poor health outcomes. Rural healthcare providers struggle to improve population health as a result of physician capacity, geographic coverage, high fixed costs and limited capacity. Medical fitness centers can help both rural communities and healthcare providers by offering: Cost effective wellness services […]

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